Miss Hope Springs Christmas Agogo! Her classic 1971 (un-aired) Granada TV special

Miss Hope Springs and Christmas go together like Tofurky and cranberry sauce. Packed with delicious festive treats, Christmas Agogo! is the completely unique seasonal show from our favourite ‘recovering showgirl’ – written and performed by composer, lyricist and entertainer Mr Ty Jeffries.

2019 has been a stand out year for Ty, for as his piano playing glamorpuss alter-ego Hope, he supported pop legend Marc Almond at the Hammersmith Apollo in July and won the coveted Broadway World Best Cabaret Edinburgh Fringe Award 2019 for his smash hit Assembly Rooms run.

Christmas Agogo! is based on Hope’s lost 1971 Granada TV Special, considered by many to be an ‘unaired classic’. It’s stuffed full of Hope’s ridiculously catchy self-penned yuletide songs, such as Santa is a Woman, the hauntingly beautiful Paper Snow, sassy Christmas Calypso and hysterical Bagels, all rounded off with her un-saintly anthem The Devil Made Me Do It.

Plus the show is filled with hilarious stories from Hope’s ‘Ritz to the pits’ showbiz life in Vegas, Paris, and…Dungeness! Sprinkled with a fine frosting of vintage Vegas glitz, this is a trip down Hope’s somewhat potholed memory lane… all of which can be enhanced by a large Egg Nog or Snowball from the bar (for either you or her).

We love Hope here at Boyz Towers and if you love sidesplitting original comedy and spectacular sing-along songs with a glorious golden age Hollywood glint in their eye, then you will too.

Miss Hope Springs Christmas Agogo! tour around the UK from 6 December. Get information on all dates and order tickets at

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