Meet the queens of Eurovision at your favourite venues this Saturday

Unless you’ve been hiding at the bottom of the sea, you will know that this Saturday is the Eurovision Song Contest live from Lisbon. Across the UK many of your favourite LGBT+ venues will be screening the live TV show including the Two Brewers, Halfway II Heaven, Ku Bar Leicester Square, the Duke of Wellington and more in London, plus national venues such as The Yard in Coventry. We collected together a host of hosts from these venues to get their take on the eternally popular and always jaw-dropping TV spectacular that is Eurovision.

Titti La Camp – co host at the Two Brewers, Clapham 

Why is Eurovision so popular?

TV is inundated with singing competition shows but Eurovision was the first, is the biggest and remains the best. Take all the politics out of the debate about Europe and you will see how it comes together to party.

What is your favourite Eurovision moment?

Well my first Eurovision was when ABBA won in 1974, so I will always mark that as a unsurpassable milestone, but if I can class it as a moment, then it would have to be the late great Terry Wogan’s commentary.

Who do you think will win this year?

Too early to call until I see the staging but I will go for Israel with Estonia very close behind. The UK deserves a placing in the upper ranks of the final results.

Lady Lloyd – host at Ku Bar Leicester Square

Why do people love Eurovision? 

Eurovision remains so popular because it is the best most exciting event in the history of the universe. Fuck bottoming, douze point to the Eurovision Song Contest!

Can you pick a favourite Eurovision moment from the past? 

It will always be when the snow starts to fall during Loreen’s performance of Euphoria. Winter is coming!

What’s your opinion of this year’s songs and who are you predicting to win?

My favourite to win is France; it’s a beautiful, meaningful song and lovely performance. Australia’s pop superstar Jessica deserves a good placement – it’s probably the most upbeat banger of the year and very accessible for the public. I think it will be high in the televote. Belarus is twinkie heaven with a brilliant electro ballad. Macedonia deserve to do well but I fear won’t qualify, and the same for Romania, which is a brilliant power ballad throwback 90s moment. The UK can fuck off, as ever.

Vanity Nightmare – host at Duke of Wellington

What makes Eurovision special for you? 

I love that it’s all these countries from Europe and beyond coming together and engaging, and all because of music.

What’s your first and best Eurovision memories?

I think the first thing I remember was Teenage Life by Daz Sampson, which was in 2006, but I loved the hosts last year doing a medley of Eurovision songs, that was amazing.

What are your predictions for this year?

I’ve only heard the UK entry so far, which is a great song and I can’t wait to see how they stage it. Other than that I’m going in blind.


Sum Ting Wong – co host at the Star of Kings, Kings Cross

Why do you think Eurovision remains so popular? 

I’ve been watching it since I was a kid, it’s just the magic and the campery of it all. It’s not for everyone but I think it’s wonderful. What’s not to love about 43 countries battling it out via song?

Pick a Eurovision moment for us? 

When Denmark won, I was at uni and pretty closeted at the time, and I remember having the best time with the only people who knew I was gay, that’s why Emmilie De Forest will be my favourite winner. Also I’m so happy to have her perform at our party.

What’s your opinion of this year’s songs and who are you predicting to win?

I’m not so keen on the UK song, it’s nice, but when you look at how Australia have done and their entries, it really makes you wonder why we can’t send in anything as good. My pick this year is Israel with Toy, or Australia’s We Got Love.

Kelly Wilde – performing at The Yard in Coventry 

What’s the secret of the popularity of Eurovision? 

Every country wants to be part of the Eurovision. It was initially about unity, bringing together different cultures and sharing their own musical styles. I think it’s become a little political, which is a shame, but it’s still wonderful and the music is getting more universal.

What’s your Eurovision golden moment? 

Watching the Bucks Fizz girls take their skirts off and everyone was so shocked. It was a moment you never forget.

Who do you think will win in Lisbon?

I’m of course predicting the UK to win. SuRie is a lot like Annie Lennox and has a good voice and represents us well. However, it may be the Ozzies, you never know, and that’s the beauty.

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