Meet the Halfway II Heaven winners

Halfway II Heaven is the much loved cabaret hot spot in Charing Cross with a reputation for the very best acts of every kind. Over the past few years the venue has produced four winners of Drag Idol and they hold their own task based talent contest, It’s a Knockout, hosted by Bette Rinse. We met up with some of the winners to find out what this cherished venue means to them.

Chamonix Aspen: Winner of It’s a Knockout 2015

“It’s fair to say that Chamonix was born at Halfway. Being in It’s a Knockout was fantastic, everyone here has encouraged and supported me to grow as a performer, but also to have fun. I’ll always be grateful.”

Martha D’Arthur: Winner Drag Idol 2013

“I got huge support from Halfway during Drag Idol, and after the contest it has just continued. I’ve been a resident here for five years and Heather and the whole team are brilliant. The shows you do here are special, honestly I’ve never had a bad night here, it’s family.”

Karla Bear: Winner Drag Idol 2019

“Halfway really is like a family, there’s always someone here you know. All through Drag Idol they supported me, I never felt I was on my own and honestly I just love coming here.”

Poppycock: Winner It’s a Knockout 2018

“Halfway is my home venue in London, I just love it here. It’s a Knockout made me do things I really didn’t think I could, it’s a great way to improve as a performer, Bette makes you do a range of stuff that you think you’re terrible at and end up loving.”

Vileda Moppe: Winner of Drag Idol 2016

“Halfway II Heaven is zero judgement, maximum fun. It’s friends and family, you can bring anyone here, your sugar daddy, your gigolo or your Auntie Vera.. and she’ll love it.’

Ripley: Winner It’s a Knockout 2016

“Being in It’s a Knockout really challenged me and helped me to own my ideas and focus. Rose Garden was my mentor and her advice and generosity with the slots on Saturdays were so important. There’s such a variety of talent here now, I love that Halfway is evolving and taking risks especially on a Monday by giving new and different acts a show, it’s really exciting.”

Felix Le Freak: Winner of It’s a Knockout 2017 and Drag Idol 2018

“It’s a Knockout pushed me to do things I really hadn’t before and gifted me with material I still do today. Halfway is my home venue in London, there’s a unique energy and when you get a magic moment here, it’s the best.”

Entry is free

Halfway II Heaven, 7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC1.

Photos by Angus Wharton

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