Me, Myself and I with Sum Ting Wong

Sum Ting Wong is the Drag Idol finalist who now hosts the weekly quiz at the Two Brewers and Karaoke at the Admiral Duncan. She lives with two thirds of the Vixens and would love to check out the aliens in ancient Egypt, no really.

Where are you from originally?

I’m a Brummie born and raised. A Chinese Brummie, the only one in my junior school growing up.

And where do you live now? 

London baby! Currently in Wimbledon but who knows where next? I actually live with two thirds of the infamous Vixens, Baga Chipz’ mate/wig stylist/make up artist, and my baby brother (weird house, I know). There’s outfits and wigs everywhere like a drag dressing room, but in a house.

What do you love about London and why? 

Everything I expected to happen in this city didn’t happen, but even crazier things did. Through some sort of magic I wound up as a drag queen and I have London to thank for it.

What was the first gay venue you visited?

It was at uni in Lincoln at 18. I went during freshers week, but the instant I walked in I felt soooooo uncomfortable I just walked out. I never thought I’d ‘fit in’ coming from my background playing rugby at school. I had the male masc4masc approach ingrained into my head. It wasn’t until a few years later I stepped back into one in Birmingham, where I joined the Birmingham Bulls (the gay rugby team) and found a real sense of community in Eden Bar.

How is the Brewers quiz going?

Let’s Get Quizzical at the Brewers is so much fun. I’m dumb, like really dumb when it comes to general knowledge, so I wanted to make it something that everyone could be a part of, even if you’re not the smartest cookie in the jar. Thanks to Jimmy for giving me free reign, it’s building real momentum and I love how competitive people get, it’s a real buzz!

And Karaoke at the Dunky? 

Karaoke at the Dunky is the most insane thing, it feels like 11pm on a busy Saturday but it’s Monday evening. I turned up last week and people cheered when I entered the Admiral Duncan, it’s such a sweet family of regulars and newbies alike. We’re currently recruiting amazing singers for the ‘Battle of the Bars’ karaoke competition starting in November and were looking to take the crown home again this year, so watch out.

Favourite club/bar/venue in London and why?

That’s a difficult question. For me it’s wherever my drag sisters and friends are working. Saturday night if I’m not working you’ll rarely find me anywhere other than Halfway to Heaven watching the Vixens, or a Sunday night in Ku Bar with Jacqui Swallows. Support your local queens.

What was the last theatre show you saw and what did you think of it?

I saw Wicked for the first time last year, it was incredible. When they sang For Good I wept like a baby, it was stunning. The last show I saw was Harry Poppers and the Deathly Swallows Pt 2 at the Two Brewers and I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

What is your guilty pleasure and why?

My Playstation, I’m a massive geek I grew up playing computer games with my brothers, cousins and friends. So whenever I get the chance to, I will binge out for about 12 hours playing a game. All I need is a good take away number, a jug of juice and some ice cream.

Biggest extravagance?

I played piano from the age of like 6 through till 18 at school. So I thought what better thing to get than a portable one to really get back into playing. It cost the same as my rent for the month and I couldn’t eat but I’m so happy I got it. I’m hoping to introduce it into my act but for now I just love having it.

Best gift you’ve ever received and why?

My long suffering boyfriend gave me a wig head and a steamer. I like small trinkets and cute things of absolutely no monetary value, just memories. I kept this little quartz heart from our first date to the Natural History Museum and I carry a picture of us to every gig.

If you could go back in time which year would you choose and why?

I’d go back to ancient Egypt, to check out the if the conspiracy theories were true about them having electricity, alien visitors that harvested gold. Either that or China, the Kung Fu China you see in films.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

It was actually from my dad, it’s a Chinese proverb or something: “You’re a leaf floating down a stream, you may be floating with some other leaves but then maybe you’ll drift away, but that’s life”.

Who is your LGBT+ hero and why?

As cheesy as it sounds, everyone fighting the good fight is an LGBT+ hero in my eyes. Anyone fighting for equality past and present, it takes guts, which I didn’t even have until very recently when I became a drag queen. I feel it’s our duty as drag queens to fight against prejudice and injustice.

Who are the most entertaining people you follow on Twitter and why? 

My Twitter feed is just topless men and me complaining about trains but I love Instagram. NOW were taking. Once again topless men but instead of me complaining it’s dogs, drag queens, and make up. Here’s a few @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager, @qoorarapapa and @cyntialumzy

Where in the world would you like to visit before you die and why? 

Yosemite National Park in California. There’s just something so magical about the natural world that recharges your soul.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

That helping my dad do his tax returns every year as a kid would be a critical part of my adult life? My dad gave me some cold advice as a young boy: “Life is going to be harder for you” (little did he know that included Queer not just Chinese) and “never forget who you are”, I think it’s set me up pretty well.

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