Me, Myself and I: King Frankie Sinatra

Karen Fisher aka King Frankie Sinatra is the creative force behind and host of King of Clubs at The RVT. She loves TV detective Colombo and Martina Navratilova’s forearms.

Where are you from originally? 

That’s a story for another day

And where do you live now?

Vauxhall all by my lucky, lucky self

What do you love about London and why? 

I can go out at 3am dressed in a kangaroo onesie, holding my girlfriend’s hand,  and no one will bat an eyelid.

What was the first gay venue you visited?

Chain Reaction in the late 1980’s, the S/M dyke night at the notorious men’s Vauxhall Venue The Market Tavern. I was devastated that no one tied me up… but I went back the following week anyway

How would you describe Frankie Sinatra to an alien?  

Nanoo nanoo i*#>^’singer$$¥=+{]}%sexy__|~#<ElizabethHurley}}#%^*+fabulous

What can you tell us about King of Clubs at The RVT? 

We are  showcasing the hottest drag king talent from around the world. You will witness the birth of new creative acts that you may not see anywhere else AND we have our first birthday on June 13 with an all star line-up and lots of surprises.

Favourite club/bar/venue in London and why? 

The RVT, it’s my local and has such a diverse programme. From Bingo to the Three Degrees via Bar Wotever and Kings of Clubs. A warm welcoming atmosphere, great staff and pints of white wine spritzer!

What was the last theatre show you saw,  where, and what did you think of it? 

Tapestry, the Carol King Story in the Aldwych. I had no idea she had written so many great songs.

What is your guilty pleasure and why? 

Columbo..cos you know who dun it so you don’t have to concentrate. I love the cars, the outfits and, most of all, the ephemera.

Biggest extravagance? 

Bespoke shirts.

Best gift you’ve ever received and why?

Canestan…(thrush cream) by a guilty ex!

What has been the highlight of your career so far and why? 

Playing at the Homomonument Gay Olympics at Amsterdam Pride last year.

If you could go back in time which year would you choose and why? 

The 50’s so I could see  Frank Sinatra sing live with Ella Fitzgerald.

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to and what made it so good? My ?0th. I hired a boat on the Thames  and we partied for three days.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

If you want to stay in show business, toughen up, grow a thick skin and be tenacious.

Who is your LGBT+ hero and why? 

Martina Navratilova, she was so blatant and outspoken back when that wasn’t easy, plus she has the best forearms…Ever!

Who are the most entertaining people you follow on social media and why? 

I don’t really follow anyone, I’m more of a leader.

Where in the world would you like to visit before you die and why? Cher’s house, for obvious reasons.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger? 

That one day I really will be Glad to be Gay!

Frankie will be hosting King of Clubs 1st Birthday party on Wednesday 13 June at The RVT, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11. 

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