Mark Ames celebrates his birthday at XXL… and St Patrick’s Day!

This Saturday (17 Mar) the guys at Boyz Award-winning XXL will be celebrating the craic at their annual St Patrick’s Day party. But that’s not the only reason to party as it’s also owner Mark Ames’ birthday. Dave Cross had a catch up with the ever mischievous Mr Ames to find out what’s on his mind.

Hi Mark, happy birthday in advance, are you looking forward to celebrating at XXL?

Yes, of course, but it does also depend on what presents I get at XXL. As long as I get more than I got at the Boyz Awards, I’ll be happy.

It’s also St Patrick’s Day, and you combine that with your birthday – is this so you can neck as much Guinness as possible? 

I will be necking as much Guinness as I can – as long as it’s got a good head, obviously. In fact it will be a triple celebration, now we know the Irish have won the Six Nations rugby, which finishes that day.

What’s the best birthday present and actual birthday you’ve ever had? 

Last year was incredible. After touring South America and Antarctica for three months I was forced to run up steps at Machu Picchu by my other half, starved of air at 7,000 feet, and then the bastard says he loves me! Oh and also my 50th birthday party at the club a couple of years ago, when I saw you eating the big cake with your bare hands Dave. That was a sight to remember…

I think you’re mistaking me for someone else Mark… Moving on, if you could have one wish granted on your birthday for the world, what would it be? 

That haters would stop looking at others and look at themselves before they judge.

And also one wish just for you, be totally selfish, what would it be? 

It’s my birthday I’m having three wishes. I’d love to do a six-month diving holiday round the world. That or that the British waters were like the Caribbean so I could scuba dive locally. Or that I was eight inches taller.

At the recent Boyz Awards, XXL was voted Best Club again, what does that mean to you? 

Winning Best Club proves I do my work, but do the staff do theirs? That’s the question LOL. Seriously, thank you to everyone who voted for us. I never take it for granted that we’ll win. It really does mean more to me than you realise.

All your DJs featured in the top ten, with two in the top three, what does that mean to you? 

They weren’t number one? I’m not happy – cancel my ads!

Finally, can you give us a few of your XXL plans for 2018? 

We are going to beef up Easter with the Hoxton Whores. For Bear Pride 2018, which is the late May bank holiday weekend, we are teaming up with other clubs and venues on the scene, like last year, to make a whole weekend of it again – it’s all about inclusion. At the main party we will have the amazing Peppermint with Sherry Vine vs London’s own Myra DuBois and Doctor Woof for the main show and a fantastic line up. Eagle London will be hosting Mr Bear Pride, the Two Brewers are joining in with Ruggercub and our bank holiday Sunday night party will be Fusion with DJ Pagano and the guys from Beefmince.

XXL at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, Blackfriars Bridge Road, SE1.

Entry is £10 members, £15 guests. 

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