Margaret Thatcher, Queen of Soho at Wilton’s Music Hall: Review by Stephen Vowles 

Matt Tedford’s creation Margaret Thatcher, Queen of Soho is fabulous, hysterical and through the very clever use of irony, the satire is ramped up to an incredible level. Tedford’s level of stamina, both mental and physical, makes him a unique entertainer at the top of his game. 

After performing his usual stand-up routine earlier in the evening it then became party central with Mrs T hosting a 1980’s disco. Tedford’s very imaginative choice of songs from the period echoed what Mrs T was, what she stood for, her beliefs and Tedford got this so right. The songs were a perfect fit which made the evening extremely funny. Highlights being Eye of the Tiger with her putting on a pair of boxing gloves, a track by Michael Jackson that she immediately stopped, addressing the audience in a typical Mrs T monotone voice saying “There is some people I won’t be associated with” – but then performing to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax, which made for comedy gold. 

Tedford did weave into this massive sing-along a snippet from his stand-up, getting a phone call from Teresa May in relation to Brexit which again added to the comedy of the routine. Robust, energetic and at the same time very patriotic with a political punch – and a finale that was totally apt with Tedford changing words in certain songs so a mention of the EU was included. A  perfect example being a reworking of Harry Nilsson’s Without You being amended to “I can’t live if living is without the EU”. A laugh out loud riot, gloriously camp, and with his fellow creator Jon Brittain also at the helm, Tedford’s star shines bright.


Margaret Thatcher, Queen of Soho reviewed on 29th March at Wilton’s Music Hall, 1 Graces Alley, Whitechapel London E1 8JB.

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