Man-Cub at the King’s Head Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Adapting or reinterpreting a piece of work that already exists can often misfire. With Man-Cub, however, Alistair Wilkinson has not missed the target at all and has created a visually stunning and at times brutal in mood and feel not dissimilar to Kipling’s Jungle Book, transporting the jungle in nature to that of a nightclub where predatory and dangerous creatures lurk in the shadows. The metaphor is strong and precise. This is also a piece of provocative, modern dance that is also full of energy and extremely funky; an explosion of dance where  movement and what the human body is capable of is explored via thrilling choreography.
Stand out performances are by Alex Britt and Andy McCredie, who delivers a very sombre rendition of I Wanna Be Like You, magically changes the essence of the song giving it a new meaning that was so relevant to the piece. Man-Cub is also a comment on youth culture, the desire to fit in, and if you don’t fit in you won’t be allowed in as, like a pack of animals in nature, it’s all about acceptance in the human world also. As an art form, if modern interpretive dance is your thing, then Man-Cub will not disappoint.

Man-Cub is on at the Kings Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN. Book tickets via the box office on 020 7226 8561 or online via

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