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This week in Boyz we feature Out To Swim and last week we reported on the Sailing & Cruising Association. In the last few months we’ve covered London Titans, Gay Classic Car Group, Kings Cross Steelers, Outdoor Lads, Friends of Dorothy Society bellringing group and London Otters rowing club. This huge variety of LGBT+ interest groups is one of the inspirations for us to create our new website Beboyz.

Although people think that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have brought people together, in fact it’s very tough to find other people who share your interests on these sites. Your hobbies and pastimes are mostly hidden from view because the web companies monetarise your interests and sell them to advertisers. Beboyz is different because you choose ‘tags’ describing your favourite sports, interests and hobbies. You have your own Beboyz profile page and here’s what you’ll find on it.

My Profile

We don’t ask too many questions when you sign up to Beboyz – just your name, your age and your location. Your Beboyz profile page has a main box where you can write about yourself in your own words but directly above it are the tags you’ve chosen to describe your interests. Tags are a really easy way to show your interests, hobbies and sports to other Beboyz members.

My Friends

You can ‘Like’ other members on Beboyz (even if you don’t know them yet) and if they agree, they can become part of your Friends network. So if you’re really interested in martial arts and want to find other people in your area, then you can search on martial arts tags and then ‘Like’ people’s pages. It’s a great way to reach out to potential new friends.

My Messages

Beboyz has an instant messaging service which allows you to chat away in real time to other members about your hobbies, sports and interests – and anything else which grabs you! You can reach out to any member using the instant message service on their profile page or in your Messages.

My Timeline

Every profile page has its own Timeline where you can put up pictures or YouTube videos of sports, hobbies and interests you’ve been doing – a visit to a European city, a mountaineering weekend, sailing on a boat or a painting you’ve completed. Whatever your interests and hobbies, your Timeline is the place to show what you’ve been up to and let other members enjoy it too.

My Albums

You can put up lots of photos on Beboyz. You can create an album of your camping trip to the Lake District, or take photos of your favourite birds if you’re a birdwatcher, or steam trains if you like visiting heritage lines. The Albums are a great way to show off your interests and hobbies, and to get other members who share your passions talking with you – and hopefully soon meeting up!

My Videos

If you’ve created a video of yourself playing guitar, or your last trip up the Eiffel Tower, or you’ve just seen a new film or play and want to put up the trailer, then the My Videos section is the place to showcase your sports, pastimes and interests.

You can sign up for our Beta version and get 3 months membership FREE now at

We’ll be launching our Beta version next week and the full site will be open very soon after.

Beboyz is a unique and innovative way to meet new LGBT+ friends who share your hobbies, sports and interests. Beboyz is a friendship site – and not a hook up site – based on the principle that friendships where people enjoy playing the same sport or following the same hobby or interest, last much longer.

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