La Voix: Live, loud, fabulous and back on tour

La Voix is the Boyz Award-winning cabaret sensation and Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist who also popped up in the Ab Fab film. Complete with a huge voice, brilliant impressions and a wickedly sharp and funny line in banter, she’s back on tour and Dave Cross had a catch up to find out more.

Hi sweetie, how is life in La Voix world in 2019? 

It’s fabulous thank you darling. In the last year of this decade, I’m making every moment count, as I’m turning 27… I feel like I could run for transport secretary as I’m testing every mode of transport in the world, whilst touring my new show to the masses. I’ve also never cruised so much in my life! In the UK, I’ve never been driven so many miles and spent so much time in petrol stations. My vegan, driver, Joanne, even took me to a vegan restaurant… well it was a florist but it’s the same thing. I’ve recently heard that there’s a new tier named after me on British Airways loyalty club called “Does she ever go home?”, it comes with a pin badge and a leaflet on alcoholism. I’m visiting places I never even knew existed and meeting more people than ever. I’ve visited market towns and experienced market fashion, I’ve had things battered in seaside towns, and got chased up the belfry in city cathedrals.

We last spoke to you as you started your 2018 tour, how did that go? 

Is it that long ago? Gosh I can only imagine how drab your pages must have been without me featuring for this long… I feel for your poor readers. Then again if they are anything like my Joanne and the B&Q catalogue, they only flick through looking at the pictures. If you are sat actually reading this in a crowded bar or restaurant… stand up and sing “I’m a little teapot” at full voice with actions now, then at least the Boyz editing team, when out, can see who actually reads the articles. Oh it could be like a Mrs Pots Flash mob!

So the tour…

Yes, the 2018 Hello La Voix tour was a roaring success and I am so…amazed… to have been asked/allowed back to some of the fantastic theatres for round two. I gave all my secrets out in 2018, my real name, my family history, my training secrets at the Mabel Fortescue’s school of tap dancing, taxidermy and Vajazzling and even spoke about back stage stories from Britain’s Got Talent. The success of Pudsey held my career back for years… he’s dead now and quite frankly I don’t care. You may think that’s harsh but the jobs he got over me, like modelling and food endorsements were endless.

What have you been up to since the last tour? 

Well the tour show has gone from strength to strength, so we started planning the 2019 tour, Live Loud and Fabulous, in the middle of the last tour! Joanne did a woodwork course and passed with distinction in tongue and groove, and has built an amazing set, taking the staging to a new level. Add my full live band, ridiculously fabulous costumes and all new songs, I had a lot to prepare for. For a little rest in the tour I did feature as a singing mermaid in Peter Pan at Aylesbury Waterside’s pantomime. I’m excited to be asked back this year to perform in Beauty and the Beast, not sure which role I’m playing, but I have a fitting for a fur suit next week?

For those poor souls who have never ‘experienced’ the full La Voix, how would you describe what you do?

Well the new show title helps describe me well… Live Loud and fabulous. Live – because I’m not dead. Loud – because I’m not quiet. Fabulous – because I’m not Coleen Nolan. Add into your Nutri Bullet a thousand Swarovskis, a ton of glamour, a sharp tongued wit, power house vocals, comedy impersonations, warmth and honesty, and a presence like no other – the result is La Voix – and a broken Nutri Bullet.

This week you start the 2019 UK tour, what can we expect in the shows? 

I’m let loose! You can expect to see me give my all, more than ever. It’s all new; new songs, stories, confessions and costumes. It’s hard to describe what occurs in my shows but it’s an ‘Experience”! You will leave feeling empowered, exhausted and relieved… all in one. It’s pure escapism entertainment mixed up with modern therapy. You can escape the misery of life like Gemma Collins on television, or celebs go smearing, anything political is out and most of all phones are turned off. I endeavour to make my audiences experience true variety, recreate vaudeville style cabaret, immerse them in quality entertainment and a blast of live music. There is no one doing what I’m doing… who hasn’t been sectioned.

We love your impersonations, the likes of Liza, have you added any new ones? 

Of course, there are many surprises in the new show. Have you seen my Theresa May singing Dreamgirls? Or Judy Garland singing Adele?… if not then you need to grab that ticket. My favourite classic divas like Liza, Tina, Shirley and Cher are still featured of course.

What else does 2019 have in store for you? 

As I mentioned I spend a lot of time cruising and I’m in the stunning Limelight Club on the P&O Britannia. I’ve got the tour of course, I’ve got a little filming project coming up and then I’ll be off back to Aylesbury into panto. So around my busy cruising schedule, I’m full force UK tour a go-go, carrying my gowns north, south, east and west! From the Tyne Opera House to Eastbourne Pavillion, Shanklin Theatre Isle of Wight to the Old Rep in Birmingham, I’m coming to a theatre near you. Add into the mix a few fabulous Pride festival appearances around the globe and it’s a busy year. I always fit Prides in when I can… as a heterosexual woman I do an awful lot for the BLT community…. it’s important.

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