Little Death Club at the Underbelly Festival: Press night review by Stephen Vowles

Bernie Dieter’s creation of a night of punk cabaret is a wonderful mix of the macabre, the manic and the magical. All concocted together and partnered by a rock n’ roll live band that had the desired effect of whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Miss Dieter is a glam rock chick certainly channelling Tim Curry in Rocky Horror mashed with Liza as Sally Bowles in Cabaret with a singing voice to match.

The power she generates on stage is electric targeting the male members of the audience with her blatant sex appeal, manipulating the sexual tension in the room with ease; potent and provocative this mistress of mayhem was so in control of all she purveyed, and as she took her bows, she received cheering, foot-stomping and stupendous applause.

With her special guests, Kitty Bang Bang, Beau Sargent, Fancy Chance, Myra DuBois and Josh Glanc, the whole 60 minute show was sensational. It was all there: fire-eating, trapeze work, acts of endurance and comedy. A special mention has to be made of Myra DuBois whose command of the stage is captivating, ticking all the boxes in her expert delivery of her vaudevillian-inspired routine.

Fancy Chance’s act of hair hanging whilst dressed like an ethereal angel demonstrated such grace and beauty; it is was just simply stunning to witness her skill as she performed her incredibly dangerous performance. I’ve seen artists do aerial and contortion work before, but Beau Sargent is in a class of his own, entering into a different realm. He is a true master of his craft with a balletic quality who showcases things he does with his body that you would not think were humanly possible.

Kitty Bang Bang, the whisky-soaked, fire-breathing bad ass lady did not fail to impress and got a well deserved show of appreciation as people marvelled at her capabilities. Josh Glanc’s comedy mime added an exuberant flavour to the show and with the audience firmly on his side the laughs were triggered with ease.

Little Death Club is a whirlwind of pure class, high end entertainment, deliciously wicked, defiant, amazing to watch and so so worth the price of the ticket. A must see show that forms part of this year’s Underbelly Festival on the Southbank, and a thrilling highlight of this year’s event.


Little Death Club runs to Sunday 23 June at the Underbelly Festival, 30 The Queen’s Walk, Southbank, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX. Box office: 0333 344 4167

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