Like A Sturgeon: Especially For EU at The RVT 

Ripley is the Scottish lip-sync drag act who has taken cabaret political satire to the next level. 

Her Like a Sturgeon (as in the leader of the SNP) shows each have a particular theme and the latest one, Especially For EU is her take on the process of leaving the European Union, told through the medium of drag lip-sync with a Kylie Minogue soundtrack. The show is a mix of miming to pre-recorded original vocals and music, all edited together with impressive timing and a section of specially recorded videos, creating a true multi media experience. Ripley takes the two central roles of Theresa May and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, plus we also got Tai Kofi from The Vixens as the Impossible Princess aka Meghan Markle, Elle as SNP firebrand Mhairi Black and, a fantastic turn by Poppycock as Margaret Thatcher summoned back from the dead to assist Theresa with Brexit. The whole show is fast and funny, the jokes and political observations come thick and fast, and Ripley is not afraid of an obvious musical pun, Can’t Get EU Out of My Head or when asked how negotiations are going, the answer is, Slow. 

Especially for EU is another hilarious slice of political satire from the Scottish lip-sync mistress, placing the ball for cutting edge humour firmly back in the court of the drag queens.


Ripley will be back at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern later in the year. 

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