Let’s go Klubbing at Ku!


Klub is the super cool club space hidden away underneath Ku Bar Leicester Square on Lisle Street. It’s open seven nights a week until 3am with a fantastic DJ line up and a sexy fun crowd. We had a catch up with Ku PR king Nieko for a Klub update.


Hey Nieko, so how’s life summer 2018 at Ku Towers?

Hi Boyz, it’s been a while. Life at Ku is gorgeous as ever, how can it not be with all the boys, DJs and beautiful customers anyone could want? We’ve been treated by true summer weather recently and Soho is loving it. Not only did we have another record breaking set of events over May, the countdown to Pride has started and it’s going to be everything.

It’s ‘flaming June’ – does that mean the bar boys might have shed another layer of clothes?

You know what our boys are like, they don’t need sun to get their tops off… As we speak we’re just doing our next campaign shoot. Wait until you see this one, it’s definitely a treat for the eyes and guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

We know you’re the Ku PR guru, fashion icon and boy about town, but we’ve heard you behind the decks at Klub as well, how’s the DJing going?

I love being behind the decks. It’s almost like therapy, being able to stick the headphones on and just play track after track of the best current hits, and all the old classic anthems, of course. I DJ once a week downstairs at Klub, usually a Thursday night, where my style is commercial house plus the latest and greatest in pop.

How would you describe the tunes in your box?

They are all gorgeous and sexy, as you would expect.

You often play on a Thursday at Klub, what’s that like?

It’s too much fun! The boys, the music and a fantastic flirty, frisky crowd… I live for Thursday nights.

And Klub downstairs at Lisle Street is open seven nights a week until late, isn’t it?

It is! I’m incredibly proud to say we provide a seven-night-a-week clubbing space for the gay scene. With our resident DJs playing every night, it’s a space you can let your hair down, leave worries at the door and make some incredible memories. Not only that, drinks are of course served by our famed Ku bar boys – Boyz Award-winners all of them!

How do mid-week nights compare to the crazy of Friday and Saturday?

Mid-week is the time to be out, y’know! As you say, Fridays and Saturdays are craaazy weekend party-your-ass-off vibes. Weekdays however have more of a club lounge feel, a more social environment to wind down from your day but still twerk into the early hours. Mid-week nights are the perfect times to catch up with queens, meet new queens, and prepare for the weekend ahead. Also it’s free entry during the week and open until 3am every night.

Remind us of the beautiful boys and girls who DJ for you at Klub?

Our DJs were basically born and bred at Ku, and are part of the family. From our superstar DJ duo Rodrigo Tancredi and Kerol Garcia, to Latino hotties Raul Villa and Pablo Eseeme who bring the R&B hotness, to our Ku queens Lady Lloyd and Vicki Vivacious. Each bring their own sexy flavour and add to the Ku family vibe. Each of these DJs play every week and are gagging to have a shot with you.

How are the Ku plans for Pride?

I’m going to keep these plans under wraps for now. However, I will say just one word: diamond.

Klub is open every night until 3am at Ku Leicester Square, 30 Lisle Street, WC2.

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