Les Ballets Trocadero De Monte Carlo: Review by Stephen Vowles 

Les Ballets Trocadero De Monte Carlo, or The Trocks, are a troop of exquisite and very funny male ballet dancers performing all the parts in famous ballet pieces. They certainly know how to put on a show and we were treated to Swan Lake Act 2, Harlequinade, Trovatiara, The Dying Swan and The Little Humpbacked Horse. This is a comedy show, an homage to classic ballet, but these guys still have to be good and their stamina, will power, technique, endurance and joy of the dance is showcased to an incredibly high standard. Their command of the enormous Peacock stage allows them to attack this dance form with confidence, including faking being clumsy and the sound of their beautifully dressed feet hitting the stage with a firm masculine thud. The soloists are also very funny, encouraging the audience to give them rapturous applause and to cheer as if they were at Covent Garden or the Bolshoi. Special mention has to be made of Carlos Hopuy playing Odette, the Queen of the Swans, and Duane Gosa playing the Dying Swan, whose tutu moults as he glides across the stage to great comic effect. Lovers of dance should see this amazing show and discover a world of performance that is totally unique and incredibly entertaining.

Twirl-delicious. Tutu-fabulous. Trocktastic.


Runs until 22 September, The Peacock Theatre,Portugal Street,  WC2

Box office  020 7863 8222,

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