Boyz Award-winning Best DJ Lady Lloyd at Ku Bar

Lady Lloyd has just won her third gold Boyz Award as Best DJ and you can experience her in all her glory this and every Sunday at Ku Bar Leicester Square, where she has been a resident for 12 years. Dave Cross had a catch up with Lloyd to find out what he’s up to.

Hey Lloyd, congratulations on winning your Boyz Award for the third year running, how does that feel? 

Well I feel like Laura Marling who always wins Best British Female at the BRITS and no one knows who she is. Ha! No, actually it’s wonderful, I always make a joke about myself, but you know what I work bloody hard and love music so it’s a thrill to be appreciated and that people took the time to vote.

We missed you at the party, what the hell happened? 

I got pissed in Spain and missed my flight. It cost me £180 to get on the next one. I was so annoyed with myself. My friend made her flight so when you were all enjoying yourselves I was sat at my apartment with no booze or fags feeling miserable.

We know you are proud of being a pop DJ, how would you describe what you play?

All the hits… AND NO SHIT!

Tell us your favourite pop banger of the moment and why do you like it?

Margaret – In My Cabana, it’s in the running to represent Sweden at Eurovision. As you know my Eurovision parties at Ku are legendary and I’m backing this one to go all the way. It’s a pop masterclass.

Tell us a classic pop gem that you always love playing too…

It has to be Shania’s That Don’t Impress Me Much. Never has a song has a better reaction than that, no matter the time, no matter the place. A certified classic and my favourite artist of all time.

So it’s Shania all the way?

Always Shania, she’s Still The One… See what I did there?

Tell us about your new single Guitar Queens that you’ve done with Boy George?

I’ve not heard it! We did it a few years ago and I can’t remember how it goes. We have a whole EP coming out though, I’m working on some new bits with him right now. It’s all as gay as you like. He’s a dream, so enthusiastic and a total icon. I couldn’t be more pleased to work with someone like that.

We know you DJ at other places too, but we always think of Ku as your home, what does it mean to you? 

I’ve been with Ku I think for like 12 years, so it IS home from home. Gary Henshaw is such a babe, always supportive, always kind. The venue looks better than ever and there’s always faces old and new. It was the first bar I ever went to back on Charing Cross Road, so what I can I say, it gave birth to a legend! Ha!

Entry to the bar is free.

Ku Bar Leicester Square, 30 Lisle Street, WC1. 

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