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Ku Soho and Ku Leicester Square: Saturday 17 November

Ku Soho and Ku Leicester Square: Saturday 17 November 

Sometimes one stylish bar packed with gorgeous people is just not enough for a Saturday night out on the town.

Call us greedy, but last Saturday we found ourselves in not one but two Ku Bars. We started at Little Ku on Frith Street, where the always fabulous Neiko was on hand to make sure we were having fun… which we were. We then headed to Ku Leicester Square where the Lisle Street venue was fit to bursting with smiling faces and happy bunnies or every kind imaginable. Those swoonsome bar boys were on hand for flirting and excellent customer service, plus we got great tunes both in the main bar and downstairs in Klub which is open late every Saturday. A great night at two amazing venues. 

Ku Soho is now open to 3am every Saturday until Christmas 

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