Ku Bar’s 22nd Birthday celebrations this Friday

Ku Bar celebrates its 22nd Birthday this Friday with a Champagne toast at 7pm, followed by a raffle and mini fundraiser for HIV charity The Food Chain. Plus guest DJs and loads of sexy fun. To celebrate, we rounded up a bunch of Ku Bar’s finest boys, owner Gary and hosts Nieko and Stefanos to reveal what Ku Bar means to them.

Gary Henshaw – Ku owner

What can I say? It means everything. It’s been my passion for the last 22 years. My life. It’s growth and popularity has amazed and thrilled me.  We now are a group of venues offering a broad range of entertainment across the LGBT spectrum. From the Balearics to Bangkok, Denmark to Brazil and Ireland (my home country) to Mexico, Ku is known and loved. There have been hundreds of brilliant staff and ‘literally’ millions of amazing customers, thank you to you all.  The Ku Family has grown, not old, but bigger, better and more fabulous over the last 22 years. We now offer more than we ever could have believed or hoped for, in this, the greatest city in the world.  Thank you to every single individual that has made Ku what it is today. Amazing.

Stefanos – Ku Host

Ku for me is a place of freedom. I am able to mingle with a range of interesting people – staff and customers – as well as act freely when dancing behind the bar or hosting the events. In addition, my PR duties give me the opportunity to make arrangements and broaden my horizons in our LGBT scene of which I am so proud. Bring on Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Nieko – Ku PR Manager

There is no question that Ku has helped make me the person I am today. I’ve basically spent my entire adult life at Ku. I’ll never forget when I first applied for a job with Gary – I was in absolute awe at the branding, promotions and vibe of Ku. As a customer I wanted nothing more than to be a part of such a pillar of the gay community. I loved the fact Ku made each person who visited feel special, the focus was on enjoying life rather than forcing alcohol down you. I’ll be forever thankful to the team, Gary and Scott, for the opportunities to have been a part of the Ku story. Ku is a reflection of the wonderful, diverse, energetic and liberating scene we have in London, and to be celebrating 22 years is a true testament not only to the Ku family, but to all those that have stepped foot through its doors. Thank you, Ku.

Dominic – Ku Bar Boy

Ku means to me what I really am: Roxxxy Andrews, and I’m here to make it clear; I know you love ku baby, that’s why we’re still here.

George – Ku Bar Boy

Ku is a place of freedom where one can be his or her true self. It’s a place that brings the London LGBT community together in an amazing family. I met so many amazing people here whom I’ll never forget, people that I share amazing memories with. Even though people come and go, Ku remains what being LGBT is about – love and living life to the fullest.

Jontae – Ku Bar Boy

‘When an image is presented as a work of art the way people look at it is affected by series of assumptions concerning beauty, truth, taste etc. Most of these however don’t accord with the world as it is.’ – art critic John Berger. I feel that this quote directly relates to Ku Bar, although Ku projects an image of liveliness and fun, what people don’t get to fully see is what strong bonds and friendships form within its walls. The most significant experience is being able to connect with people behind the bar as well as the people in front of it.

Ku Bar, 30 Lisle Street, London WC2H 7BA

Entry to the bar is free.

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