Ku Bar Leicester Square’s 11th Birthday on Valentine’s Day

There was something in the air that night… And not only because it’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday (14 Feb), it’s also the 11th birthday of Ku Bar Leicester Square, the flagship venue of the Ku Group on Lisle Street. Two loved up celebrations all wrapped up together with a big pink bow and a host of hot topless boys. We asked Ku Owner Gary Henshaw about the birthday and Ku PR guru Nieko about Valentine’s Day.


Gary Henshaw

“Much like the Queen, Ku celebrates two birthdays a year. One on December 8th, when Ku opened its doors back in 1995, and the second on February 14th, celebrating the anniversary of Ku moving to Lisle Street in 2007. I am so proud of how Ku has developed and expanded to encompass five very different experiences: with Klub open seven days a week until 3am beneath Ku Lisle Street; The Light Lounge, a favourite with London’s glitterati; our ‘Little Ku’ on Frith Street; and London’s only full-time dedicated lesbian venue, SHE Soho on Old Compton Street. Wherever I go in the world people seem to know and love the brand. That’s something that never ceases to amaze me. Ku is all about our amazing staff and of course Ku is all about you, our loyal and fabulous customers.

Come and have a few drinks ‘on us’ this Wednesday 14th February, celebrating our 11 year anniversary at Ku Lisle Street. On the day that celebrates love, we like to show you how we feel about you, our customers.”


Hi Nieko, are you a romantic, Valentine kind of guy? 

Oh gosh, I actually don’t know… In all honesty it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the chance to be romantic with anyone. I’ve focused more on work – and drinking vodka! However if there’s anytime for new love resolutions, it’s definitely Valentine’s, right? I’m thinking 2018 is the year to settle down, so let’s see what happens.

What would be the ideal way to woo you? 

I like a good conversation, a challenge, and a debate about life and all that deep nonsense. I also like spontaneity. I’m not a museum or sightseeing person, I’m more of a traveller and love discovering new things. So yeah, a good, in-depth conversation about the meaning of life, while on a plane to Bali? Easy!

And who would be your perfect dream Valentine? 

Charlie Carver (the Desperate Housewives twin). And this is a story! So I met Charlie at last year’s Attitude Hot 100 Awards, and then we came and partied at Ku. He was absolutely GORGEOUS, and such a lovely guy… It was all going well until I fell asleep in the club over a bottle of champagne. So if anyone has any contacts, let Charlie know I’m more mature now, haha!

What are the Ku plans for this coming weekend, 10th and 11th February?

We will be fully celebrating the day of luuurve! The Ku Bar boys invite you to enjoy their loving. You can expect treats, chocolates, emosh tunes and also plenty of eye candy for a full out party weekend in Ku style.

And on the big day itself it is also the Lisle Street bar’s birthday, what can we expect? 

Well, you know we like to celebrate! So on Wednesday 14th February, there will be a free drinks round for everyone in the building for our birthday toast at 7pm sharp. Myself and host Stefanos will be on hand to dish out the drinks, as well as those gorgeous topless Ku boys, with DJ Vicki Vivacious then playing on decks, and of course the Klub opened till late, and cocktails available in The Light Lounge!

Ku Bar, 30 Lisle Street, off Leicester Square, WC2H 7BA.

The Ku Group is recruiting at all levels, if you want to join them, please call 07398 304 388.

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