Jock Night at the King’s Head Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles

Adam Zane’s proficiency as a writer is clearly on show with his one act play Jock Night – and the testosterone could almost be tasted as the play got underway at the King’s Head in Islington. With a throbbing and pulsating hard disco soundtrack bouncing off the walls of the theatre, the energy created by this atmosphere was totally absorbed by the cast of five exceptional actors: Adam Waddington as Ben, Sam Goodchild as Kam, Sam Blackhurst as Russell, Daniel Waterhouse as Simon and finally Levi Payne playing AJ. 

Zane is making important comments about the drug culture that permeates the gay scene be it in the privacy of a home or in the toilet of a club. He is not being judgemental but offering a well informed and competent opinion about PrEP and associated matters. 

The acting between the five actors is precise and formidable; as between the tender comedy moments and the harder scenes of drug-taking, all adding to the magic of this play. Zane also focuses on the skills that are often required to maintain a relationship, that repentance comes at a price and age is a number; that HIV status is important, and ignorance and lack of communication can be harmful. 

This is a compelling piece of theatre, totally topical and the ‘life can be a soap opera’ aspect to the play added a fabulous stability to the drama. I enjoyed Jock Night and by the applause heard at the end of the 80 minutes it was clear the mainly male audience had done so also. Thought-provoking and explosive modern theatre.


Photos by Alessandra Davison


Jock Night by the Hope Theatre Company runs to Saturday 11th May at the King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London N1 1QN. Box office: 

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