Jinkx Sings Everything at the Leicester Square Theatre: review by Stephen Vowles


Fame achieved on a TV show can be a fleeting thing, but not so for Jinkx Monsoon winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five. If there was ever any doubt that she’s here to stay then this extraordinary show 100% proves that she is a major talent. She opens with Broadway Baby from Follies channeling Ethel Merman, complete with a very loud laugh, genuine gusto and a compelling raw energy. Her connection with the audience is made immediately and it’s this link with the crowd that Monsoon craves and deserves. The show is called Jinkx Sings Everything and although she reminds the excited audience that this is technically impossible after receiving some of their song suggestions she really gives it a go. She is the mistress of improvisation and delivers impressive renditions of The Ladies Who Lunch, Creep, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and selections from Cabaret, Chicago and Les Mis, all of which certainly packed a punch. The ending of the show with Rose’s Turn from Gypsy and Somewhere Over The Rainbow resulted in an ecstatic reaction and extended curtain calls from the audience highlighting that Jinkx Monsoon is a true original and a special talent.

Pianist Joshua Stephen Kartes deserves a special mention, his dexterity on the keyboard and his ability to actually keep up with Jinkx proves he is a talent in his own right. A magical evening where perfection was clearly on show.


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