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Her Upstairs: Monday 5 February

Her Upstairs: Monday 5 February 

On Monday night we headed to the small but perfectly formed queer space that is Her Upstairs for the second heat of Celebrity Not Another Drag Competition.

The Camden cabaret hot spot was packed as gorgeous host HERR introduced us to the scene stars and the characters they were playing for the themed night. We got Vanity Von Glow as Professor McGonagall, Cheryl Hole as Gemma Collins, Mynxie as Karen Walker, Ruby Wednesday as Vitas, Lady Lloyd as Xtina, Honey Foxx as Little Mermaid Ariel and Holestar as Kim Woodburn. The contestants got to play a round of Snatch Game and two rounds of Blind Date for the judges, and in the end Mynxie was the winner while Lady Lloyd got sent home, plus over £400 was raised for charity.

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