Harry Poppers and The Chamber of Sequins: Review

The Boyz Award-winning Two Box Productions, led by writers Lawrence Bolton and Mark Wickins are back at The Two Brewers and back in the wizarding world of ‘the boy who lived’ for their latest musical parody. 

Harry Poppers and The Chamber of Sequins sees our heroes, the titular Harry, now played by #Joe, Ron Squeezeme played with marvellous camp abandon by Poppycock and Hermione Minger, a perfectly pitched level of pushy from Sarah Horton returning to Hogwanks School of Bitchcraft and Jizzery where they meet up with a hot and horny Draco Mouthful played as an entitled brat by Damian Killeen, bemoaning the lot of a rich, white cis wizard from a family of racists. The story follows the plot of JK Rowling’s second novel, so it’s not long before trouble appears when several pupils and Mrs Norris, played it seems by the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland are all petrified. We soon discover the villain of this story is Tom Fiddle, played with delicious evilness by Woe Addams, who’s plan is to lure Harry to the Chamber where his trouser snake will dispatch him. All the Potter books and films have large casts and this production is no different thanks to Niall Hemingway who takes on the familiar panto trope of playing many roles, most notably Professor Dumblewhore, Ginny, Professor McGoldenGirls and Nobby, the much put upon house elf. Niall is brilliant throughout,  his range of accents is impressive and his occasional breaking of the fourth wall, in again a panto style, nicely handled. We get parody songs, most of the cast get a solo, some ground-breaking special effects (they paid us to say that) and a huge amount of laughs, with enough puns to keep even the biggest fans on their toes. The show is fast and funny, but as with most Two Box productions, this is dome with genuine affection for the original work. A show by fans, for fans, that will appeal to everyone. Dave Cross


On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th August at The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4. 

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