Halfway II Heaven World AIDS Day Fundraiser on Sunday

On Sunday (3 Dec) Heather and her team at Halfway II Heaven will be marking World AIDS Day with a cabaret spectacular raising cash for GMFA. This shindig will be hosted by birthday girl Crystal D’Canter and partner in crime Kelly Mild plus a host of stars. We take a look at what’s on offer and Kelly tells us more.

Let’s be honest, Sunday afternoons at cabaret bunker Halfway II Heaven are always a tad bonkers, but their fundraiser parties are the stuff of gay scene legend.


This Sunday promises to be a corker as not only are the gang raising money for GMFA but they will also be celebrating Crystal’s 25th birthday (she made us say that). Front and centre will of course be your hosts CK, belting out the hits and delivering more than a few laughs. Joining the girls will be some of our very favourite acts including Tanya Hyde (ask her which Hogwarts house she’s in – seriously, do it), the Boyz Award-winning Vixens, Vanity Nightmare, It’s A Knockout winner Felix Le Freak, Cynthia Seaward, Alexis St Clair, the really rather dishy Ollie James Parr and many more.

It will be a great fun afternoon, but it has a serious side too and Kelly told us: “World AIDS Day is one of the most important days on the LGBT+ calendar. While times have changed since the dark days of the 80s, there is still far too much stigma attached to HIV and AIDS. Fundraising is our way of giving back and allowing amazing charities like GMFA to continue their hard work.”

Halfway II Heaven World AIDS Day Fundraiser is on Sunday 3rd December from 3.30pm. Entry is free

Halfway II Heaven, 7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC2.




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