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This week LGBT+ community groups, networks, unions, venues and businesses have once again been invited to apply to join this year’s Pride in London Parade and march through the capital on Saturday 6 July. Pride in London saw a record year of Parade applications last year and the Parade capacity increased, meaning Pride in London saw its biggest, most diverse Parade ever, including more than 30,000 people in 469 groups. We asked Pride in London’s Head of PR David Parke what groups need to know for this year’s Parade applications. 

Can you tell us about the range of groups or businesses which can apply to be on the Pride in London Parade?

We welcome groups of all shapes and sizes so long as they share our core values, such as celebrating every part of the community. Groups can range from non-profits and small businesses through to larger corporations and LGBT+ networks, as well as unions. There will also be plenty of ways to get involved for those looking to march as individuals.

What are the main things that groups need to think about on the day?

It’s worth coming to the Parade prepared – e.g. knowing the route, making sure you have water and comfortable footwear, and being aware of where facilities like toilets and cash machines are. Our volunteer stewards are always on hand to help during the day if groups have any questions or need assistance.

Can a group also have a float or a bus?

Yes they can – however we’re working to reduce the number of double decker buses in the Parade this year following feedback from paraders, spectators, key stakeholders and the community that walking groups and floats create a more jubilant atmosphere.

Do you welcome applications from all over the country?

Absolutely – we often get applications from groups outside of London. Pride in London will always be a space where you can march in solidarity with and in celebration of the community, no matter where you come from.

Which groups – and what did they create – which particularly attracted you last year?

The groups which stand out each year are those which really embrace the spirit of Pride and what it stands for: being unapologetically who they are, and celebrating every part of the community. We also love seeing how groups interpret our theme each year in creative and inspiring ways. There’s also the opportunity to win a Parade Award.

Finally what’s your message to groups this year about joining the 2019 Parade?

This year’s Parade is particularly significant on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and we want to make sure that Pride continues to be the safe space it was intended to be. That means this year we’ll be working with our partners to ensure the entire community – and particularly our trans siblings – feels welcome, safe and celebrated.

How to apply to be on the Parade

As with previous years, groups will be required to fill in an application form which can be found at Applications are reviewed by Pride in London in accordance with their Parade Policy and also by the Community Advisory Board.

Applications are also now open for groups and businesses looking to hire a stall on the day of the Parade, starting at just £200 for a standard stall for a small charity. Pride in London has stalls in five locations around the Parade, including Leicester Square, Golden Square, Soho Square and two areas in Trafalgar Square. More information on applying for a stall can be found at

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