Free and Proud at the King’s Head Theatre: Opening night review by Stephen Vowles 

Charles Gershman’s Free and Proud at The King’s Head Theatre has a good message at the heart of the play. Both actors – Faaiz Mbelizi as Hakeem and Michael Gilbert as Jeremy – bring an energy to their roles that gives this stylish two hander a genuine soul. The story of this married couple that have to face tragedy demonstrates how to construct and subsequently deconstruct a relationship. The chemistry between the two actors is good, but I did feel the need for a little more charisma, especially when dealing with issues such as the attraction of opposites, fulfilling your lover’s needs sexually and mentally, the massaging of ego, how to handle promiscuity and being faithful. As a whole this is accomplished storytelling about the consequences of breaking established relationship rules, heightened by the directing style of Peter Darney who is creating a name for himself with his handling of gay subject matters. An informed look at when two cultures collide.


Free and Proud runs until the 1st September at the King’s Head Theatre,115  Upper Street, Islington, N1. Box office 0207 226 8561 

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