Follow the Faun, Vault Festival: Review by Stephen Vowles 


Performer Andy Black has created a fascinating character in The Faun that is visually fierce and masculine in a totally original way.

His opening number It’s My life  is imaginative and borders on the avant-garde. The whole show, Follow the Faun continues in that way where the audience are in the middle of a dance class, an exercise workout complete with stretches and lunges. He comes into the audience to offer words of encouragement and moments in the spotlight. This is almost feels like a religious experience where devoted fans are in complete synchronicity with him. The energy levels are high and as the hour came to a close we felt better for it. This is splendid stuff, sexy exhibitionism delivered to put a smile on your face.


Runs to the 11th March at The Pit, Leake Street, SE1 7AD.

Box office 07598 676202 or

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