F*cking Men at the King’s Head Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Joe DiPietro’s play F*cking Men remains a very well structured play which offers a wonderful insight into the gay male. This is 60 minutes of intense character study that enthralls and actually makes you sit up and take notice. Director Mark Barford has his finger firmly on the pulse of this new staging. 

There’s a brand new cast of August Ohlsson, Liam Darby and Richard de Lisle revelling in the fact they play multiple roles in the adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s 1897 play La Ronde. F*cking Men is laced with great comedic punchlines. The play explains the trials and tribulations of gay relationships via short sharp vignettes – superbly lit and freezing the action –  which makes for very powerful theatre.

DiPietro’s play remains a very poignant exploration of human emotion and sexual manipulation. Special mention has to be made of August Ohlsson who demonstrates great skill in switching accents and even body language as he plays his different roles exuding a sexual chemistry which, were it to be bottled, would certainly serve as a very sexy aphrodisiac. This is a great play, which if you haven’t ever seen it, demands you make a visit to the King’s Head Theatre’s for this newest performance.


F*cking Men runs to Saturday 2nd June at the King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, Islington N1 1QN. Box office 0207 226 8561.

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