Enjoy Halfway II Heaven’s Bank Holiday weekender

Halfway II Heaven is the small venue with the big heart. It’s loved by customers, cabaret acts and by us, too. This bank holiday weekend it’ll be fit to bursting with gorge acts and amazing DJs. We spoke to Heather and Marc from the Boyz Award-winning venue to find out more.

Hi guys, how’s life at Halfway been this summer? 

Marc: Summer has been amazing – sunshine is always a bonus. Of course we won Drag Idol this year with Felix Le Freak, which is fantastic having the crown back at Halfway.

Are you all ready for the bank holiday weekend? 

Heather: We are so excited for this bank holiday! Great cabaret and hopefully more sun!

Who do you have on stage on Friday? 

M: We have An Audience with Miss Jason – what better way to start the final bank holiday of the summer.

Saturdays are always bonkers at Halfway – what’s on this weekend? 

M: Bonkers and Mrs Moore go hand in hand! The day starts with her followed by Rose Garden and finishing the night are The Vixens with a pop flourish.

What have CK got planned for bank holiday Sunday? 

H: The girls love a bank holiday! It will be the usual madness with a few surprises and, believe it or not,
new songs!

And then you can chill on Monday with Jonny? 

H: No chilling with Jonny Pablo – he will be keeping the dancefloor alive with some classic tunes.

What else is coming up at Halfway?

H: Where to start? Bette Rinse is back with It’s A Knockout on 4 September. She is already busy rehearsing with this year’s girls, and it’s going to be amazing. CK on their holidays on Sunday 9 September, but Halfway still plays with Mary Mac, Bette Rinse and Mrs Moore. September will be full of surprises this year!

Entry is free.

Halfway II Heaven, 7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 4JF.

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