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Drag Idol UK Reporter: Halfway II Heaven heat on Tuesday 24th April

All across the country venues are now hosting Drag Idol heats and last weekend Drag Idol Reporter was at a few of them. 

We started our Drag Idol week at Halfway II Heaven as they opened their 2018 account with one of the best weekly heats we’ve ever seen in the competition featuring six very strong contestants. The venue was packed as hosts CK introduced each act and in the end the judges chose the amazing Felix Le Freak as the venue’s first winner. Halfway’s heats are on every Tuesday and well worth a visit. We were also at the Two Brewers to see Ophelia Love win, while at the White Swan at their first ever heat, where Miss Terry Tour was the host, the very funny Miss Tish-Ewe won. Her Upstairs chose Felix Le Freak as its winner too and at Central Station it was Max Ryder who won. 

Elsewhere in the UK, Sir Vyx was the winner at the first heat at Sundowners, while at Quay Pride in Great Yarmouth they had two heats last week, with Charlie Benz winning heat three and Sister Sharia Law winning heat four. 

At OMG Bristol the winner was Lady Windsor Rose and at the Kings Arms Swansea there were two winners: Mya Soul and Val Quaeda. OMG in Liverpool chose Envy and Lara Von Rose went through at OMG Plymouth. 

This week heats continue at all these venues, plus Eden in Birmingham has its first heat on Thursday (3 May), as does last year’s winners the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The Old Ship in Limehouse starts on Friday (4 May) and The Victoria becomes the first venue to have its Heat Final this Saturday (5 May). The Admiral Duncan launches on Wednesday (9 May) while Via in Manchester launches next Thursday (10 May).

Check out future dates for all the upcoming heats across the country at


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