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Drag Idol Reporter: Drag Idol 2019’s first heat at The RVT

Drag Idol UK 2019 is well underway with many venues already holding heats across the country and the rest about to start this week.

Last Thursday we were at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern for their first heat of the year, hosted by previous winner Son of a Tutu and what a brilliant heat it was. The judges had to choose from six exciting and very different new acts and in the end, after much deliberation the winner was Carrot, with Wesley Dykes as the runner up.

Also launching last week in London, The Two Brewers with Danny Beard as host and Minnie Bar going through and at Central Station with Victoria Sponge as host, at their first heat it was #Joe and at their second heat Allegria was the winner. Across the country other winners have included Sasha Spudz, Baby Jane Doh and Miss Crystal at Quay Pride, Diana Dashboard at OMG Plymouth and also at Kings Arms Swansea, at OMG Liverpool Alix won the first heat as did Justin Drag at Mary’s in Cardiff’s first heat, and at their second they put through two acts Ginger Hunter and Felicity Saunders. In Margate at Sundowners their first winner was Chastity Royale.

In the next week the rest of the 18 venues taking part will start their heats including Halfway II Heaven, the Admiral Duncan, The Old Ship, and The Victoria in London. Check the Drag Idol website and social media for more on the heats and winners.

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