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Drag Idol Reporter at Halfway II Heaven: Tuesday 9th May

Drag Idol Reporter at Halfway II Heaven: Tuesday 9th May

Things are really getting interesting now as we hit in the middle of the Drag Idol heats across London and the UK.

Last week Drag Idol Reporter was at Halfway II Heaven for their third heat hosted by the always gorgeous Crystal D’Canter. The four judges – Tanya Hyde, Jason Reid, Catia from the RVT and Topsie Redfern – had four very different acts to choose from in Betty Shudnt, Felix Le Freak, Wilma Ballsdrop and Bitchina Biatch, ranging from the traditional to more experimental, but all entertaining. In the end the winner was the amazing lip sync act Felix who also went on to win her heat at the RVT on Thursday. Victoria Green was the winner on Sunday at the Admiral Duncan, while at the Two Brewers it was Cazeleon. Meanwhile, Ginzilla won the first heat at Her Upstairs and in Manchester Scarlet SoHandsome won the heat at Richmond Tea Rooms.

This week there are more heats and heat finals in venues including Via Manchester, Halfway II Heaven and Quay Pride, and there are a few gaps left in some heats, so if you still want to enter get in contact via the Drag Idol website and snap a lash!

Photos by Club Wolf 

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