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Drag Idol Reporter at the Two Brewers

Last week we were lucky enough to be at several London Drag Idol heats and saw some fantastic new cabaret performers of pretty much every kind you could think of. 

On Wednesday we were at The Two Brewers where seven strong acts were competing for the chance to go forward. We got traditional drag, character performance, comedy lip-sync, non binary, drag king and more. In the end the judges decided to put through two of the acts, Baby Ru and Indy Niall to the heat final. Elsewhere we saw The Victoria become the first London venue to choose their champion when Chanel No5 won the heat final. At Halfway II Heaven they put through Passionella and Mark Anthony while at Admiral Duncan it was Miss Number 13 and Ava Cardo. At the Old Ship it was the hilarious Flora Tubb who went through and at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern they chose Spanish star Kiki Morgan. Around the country other winners included Helix at OMG Plymouth, Donna Matrix and Nadia Business at Via in Manchester and Victoria Scone, who was a finalist last year. won her heat at Marty’s in Cardiff. At Charles Street Tap in Brighton they put through two winners, Linda Wicker and Mr Party. Check the Drag Idol website for details of more heats coming up, next week more venues will choose their winners. 

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