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Drag Idol Final at The Two Brewers: Friday 28 June

Drag Idol Final at The Two Brewers: Friday 28 June 

After two months of heats in 18 venues across the country, four semi finals and enough glitter to sink a battle ship, last Friday we finally were at the Drag Idol 2019 Final at the Two Brewers hosted by previous champion Danny Beard.

The judges had the daunting task of picking a winner from four exceptional acts. First up was #Joe, the drag twink representing Central Station wowing the crowd with his brilliant parodies played on the keyboard. Second was Karla Bear, the Aussie sensation with a Disney fixation and a jaw-dropping voice from Halfway II Heaven. After the break we got the amazing Scott Lund, drag king representing Via Manchester who had us laughing and then delivered an emotional tribute to Stonewall to finish his set. Finally was The Brewers own act, the gorgeous Poppycock, with her big voice, great dance moves and multiple costume reveals. The crowd were then treated to a performance by last year’s winner, Felix Le Freak before the big moment. And, after much deliberation, the winner was… Karla Bear from Halfway. Well done to all the contestants and as Titti La Camp, Drag Idol founder and one of the judges commented, this was probably the best final in the competition’s 15 year history. 

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