DJ Sin Morera is back at XXL at Pulse this weekend

Superstar New York DJ Sin Morera is back at London mega club XXL for another roof-raising set in the main room at Pulse this weekend. We spoke to the man himself about playing for a London crowd and working with a Grammy Award winner.

Hi Sin, are you excited to be coming back to London next week?

Hey guys, I am super excited! I have to be honest, I am in love with that room, and grateful that the boys are having me back. There is an energy a force in that room I am totally in love with.

How did your first gig at XXL go?

My first gig at XXL was more then I could have expected. The crowd, the boys, the staff, the energy… I never plan my sets so I just kinda go with the flow because sometimes you just never know what the crowd is like or musically what the other DJs are playing, so I gotta be on point.

Was it what you expected?

The crowd’s reaction was amazing. Like I said before, I am in love with that space. London was lovely to me and I am so excited to take them on a musical journey and give them what they want this Saturday. I go on later that night, so I hope the boys get some rest!

For those who don’t know, how would you describe your music?

I play big room tech house with some soul in there somewhere, and I throw in vocals. I sample on the spot; it all depends on the energy, how I read the room. When my adrenaline’s pumping I’m just a vessel by that point and keep them on the dancefloor until sunrise.

What music productions/remixes have you been working on?

I just released my new single called The Piano on Phonetic Recordings, a London based record label. They are taking care of my track and working the record to all the DJs and doing a great job with promo. I am also excited to announce I just signed a major deal with Grammy Award winner legend Roger Sanchez on his imprint UNDR THE RADR, which is part of one of the biggest dance labels in the world, Armada Music, which is owned by Armin van Buuren. I am also working on a project for Universal Music France at the moment and touring Europe until January. From London I go straight to Amsterdam for Ade to DJ and speak at a panel, then I hit Milan, Rome and Berlin, then back to New York. But my big act is an artist named Nicco; he’s a pop act, we write together, and this has taken some time as I have been developing him as an artist. He’s been almost two years in the making, so we are getting ready to shop him. I am sure he’s frustrated but we all must put in the time. Welcome to the music business!

Is there something new we should listen out for at XXL?

I got some hot new tracks for London. 80% of the labels I deal with are based out of London or Europe in general, so I get tons of promos, but I will play some of my new tracks, some classics and make sure everyone is having a good time.

You’ve remixed Mariah, Madonna and more – which acts would you really like to remix or work with?

Honestly the days of remixing a pop act are gone for me these days. Major labels never have budgets so I have been focusing on my songwriting collaborating with new talent, finding fresh talent and taking them under my wing, because they are the future. If I do work with a major act, I would collaborate with them on the songwriting side of the project. Our business is suffering due to piracy.

On your Facebook page under influences you just say ‘aliens’… Tell us more! Do you know something we don’t?

You guys didn’t get the memo, huh? We are all aliens! So I’ll see you on the dancefloor and thank you for having me back in London. A huge shout out to team XXL!

XXL is at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, London ,SE1 9UF.

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