Dina Martina, Forgotten But Not Gone at Soho Theatre: Press Night review by Stephen Vowles 

After seeing Dina’s show in 2018 I was aware of his amazing talent and I wanted him to eclipse that show – and he did with a fierceness and sense of bravado that was both physically and mentally stimulating. Strutting out to the Pet Shop Boys, his imagination to say the least is a fertile ground for nonsense that makes sense, including a monologue about the state of America under Trump and the fear of clowns. A master of self deprecating humour, this still has to be delivered with an air of affection and actual sophistication, reinforcing the fact that the audience have to be laughing with you and not at you. 

Dina is also an expert in taking a gag and running with it, extending the duration of the story, then just throwing the punchline away without a care in the world. He is also a master clown contorting his face with a grimace and frown that added to the empathy we felt for him as an entertainer. Intentionally grotesque, glamorous  and gorgeous all at the same time. Surreal and totally hilarious! A welcome return to London.

Photos by David Belisle


Dina Martina, Forgotten But Not Gone runs to 26 October at Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, Soho London W1D 3NE. Box office: 020 7478 0100

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