Dame of Thrones – a Panto of Fire and Ice at the Two Brewers: Review by Dave Cross

Dame of Thrones – a Panto of Fire and Ice at the Two Brewers until December 29

Last year the team at Two Box Productions and the Two Brewers took a step away from the normal panto stories and gave us a pantomime version of the certain boy wizard and won a Boyz Award and a sell out run in Edinburgh as a result.

This year they are venturing to Westros and the biggest fantasy show on TV for their inspiration with Dame of Thrones – A Panto Of Fire and Ice. As with last year’s Harry Poppers these new versions of much loved characters are not quite as you remember them. Rose Garden makes a great biaddie as a bitchy Queen Cersi, who’s likely to burst into Queen’s Killer Queen or Blondie’s One Way or Another, while Damien Killeen Turns Jamie Lanister from the ruthless Kings Slayer into an engaging and very funny ditzy blond, who’s much more interested in Jon Snow played by Eoin Buckley than his sister. Lawrence Bolton makes a brilliant Daenerys, a vacuous LA style valley girl who’s main claim to the iron throne is based on the length of her legs. The whole show is narrated by Mark James Dudley Wickens as a slightly unhinged Melissandre and we also meet Ayra (Lauren Grant) and Sansa Stark (Jax Braithwaite), who make a great comedy double act plus a funny Nick Halliwell as Tyrion Lanister and even Susan the talking dragon and at one point Dumbledore makes an appearance. Our heroes team up to fight the evil Queen Cersi as she tries to destroy Christmas and rule the Seven Queendomes and in the meantime Jon Snow is looking for the Prince that was promised, it’s not too difficult to work out who that will be.

The whole show is a total delight, with one of the funniest panto scripts we’ve heard this year and a great cast. If you love Game of Thrones then this really is the show for you as clearly so does everyone in this production, but actually even if you don’t it’s funny on it’s own. It may be a parody but it’s done with genuine affection, warmth and loads of laughs. Plus you get an actual dragon live at the Two Brewers… who could ask for more? Dave Cross


Dame of Thrones  at The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4. Tickets from

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