Courtney Act, Under the Covers at Underbelly: Review by Stephen Vowles

Miss Act has nothing to prove now and it is very clear that her star is in ascendent mode, catapulting her into a different realm where she shines and sparkles. Courtney may have finished in second place in most of the shows she has appeared in – a fact she jokes about in her 60 minute show – but she pulls no punches with a strong opening number, a powerhouse vocal rendition of “It’s Oh So Quiet”. The content of the show is what we do under the covers: talk, eat, have sex… and the musical content covers her favourite songs which mean a lot to her and reinforces her message. 

Courtney’s command of the stage is instant and she is prepared to bear her naked soul. Talking about growing up, she was confused about sexuality and identity and discovering and understanding the term of gender fluidity set her on her path to make her life journey easier and her quest to find mainstream stardom. 

She adores drag and we love her for it. Of course she mentions RuPaul’s Drag Race, Celebrity Big Brother and appearing on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars and pushing boundaries, dancing as a man with his partner. Courtney makes this show a very personal experience for her fans, informing us that she is now a vegan and that despite her best efforts she now finds herself passing wind a lot more. So, OK, there is 5 minutes of fart jokes complete with sound effects but she is allowed this and she brings a certain charm and sophistication to this part of her life – and makes if funny by reworking Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” to “Vegan It”, hysterical. Courtney explores the issues of sex – and using changes in tempo and emotional delivery offers her opinion.

Shane Jenek is a consummate performer and as Courtney Act he clearly presents closure on personal issues. He admits confession is good for the soul and by a stunning video playback sings “If I Were A Boy” with himself as a man; it’s simply captivating. Jenek’s belief in himself is commendable and the fact that we get readily caught up in his act makes him someone to watch and admire.



Photos by GAT.

Courtney Act, Under the Covers is on 15th and 17th May at 7.30pm. No show on the 16th May, then 18th and 19th May at 6pm. Underbelly, Queen’s Walk, Southbank, London SE1 8XX. Box office 03333 444 167

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