Cocktail tasting at the Light Lounge

Sometimes the only way to finish a work day, or start your weekend is with a quality cocktail and there’s nowhere quite like the Light Lounge for those. It’s the stylish and modern bar located above Ku Leicester Square and it has the most delicious summer cocktail menu. It’s so good that last Friday we sent Dave Cross and Luke Till to sample what’s on offer with the help of Ku Group PR Manager Nieko. Here’s the six they tasted from the extensive menu.

High Voltage

Luke: I love a cocktail with a story and with this you start by eating the head of a daisy, which fizzes and tickles on the tongue – who knew?! The zesty, gin-based drink continues the tongue-tingling while the elderflower sweetness compliments the citrus tang perfectly.

Burst into Bloom

Dave: A sugary treat that made me think of liquid Turkish Delight with raspberries and lemon plus a rum kick that takes you by surprise

Lava Lamp

Nieko: I love this, you pour pomegranate seeds into the drink and they rise and fall, just like an actual lava lamp and it’s silky and smooth to taste as well.

Sugar Mama

Luke: Hello Mama! A big bad hit of vodka with lip-smacking passionfruit and a delicious vanilla afterglow.

Rising Sun

Dave: A big bold refreshing thirst quencher of a summer drink. It has a totally yummy mango centre, heaps of tequila and a big chunk of dragon fruit.

Violets are Blue

Nieko: I don’t normally go for flowers in drinks, but this is sublime. It’s like a glass of violets and lemon clouds. Strong and sharp, just like me!


Try two cocktails for the price of one on selected cocktails every day from 5pm to 7pm.

Make a reservation at or 0207 734 8329.

Entry is free.

The Light Lounge, 1 Newport Place, WC2.

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