Club Swizzle at The Roundhouse: First night review by Stephen Vowles 

With the mesmerising Reuben Kaye as Master of Ceremonies and an excellent opening number featuring a mash up of heavy metal, Brecht and even Kurt Weill, Club Swizzle was off to a rip-roaring and rousing start with Mr Kaye whipping the eager crowd into a frenzy of anticipation and delight.

Think of a mix of the nightclubs of Paris, Crazy Horse and The Lido with the Kit Kat Club of Berlin, the jazz salons and speakeasies of 1920’s New York and you have Club Swizzle. 

Mr Kaye has his finger firmly on the proceedings as chairs come flying out of the ceiling, acrobats whirled above your head and the bar was literally transformed into the runway stage for the artists. 

Hugely erotic and very sexy this is top notch entertainment featuring Mr Kaye’s brand of wicked humour which when it came to the audience participation had the crowd in stitches. Burlesque artist Laurie Hagen was sensational performing a number backwards, a truly unique talent. Dandy Wellington’s perfect tap dancing mimicking the drum roles from Mikey and the Nightcaps was a huge audience pleaser. Female Yammel Rodriguez’s show-stopping single-strap performance was exhilarating to watch as she went higher and higher into the rafters of The Roundhouse with no net underneath. 

The tour de force performance came from the Swizzle Boys with special mention going to Ben Lewis and Joren Dawson whose skill as acrobats was both charismatic and jaw-dropping in equal measure. 

This is an incredible night of live theatre, intoxicating and totally marvellous. Gasps of joy are inevitable.


Club Swizzle runs to the 31st August at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 8EH. Box office: 0300 678 9222  

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