Clonezone: Express yourself for Pride with Project Claude

Pride season is creeping up upon us, and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to these daring new arrivals from Project Claude at Clonezone stores. Clonezone’s PR and Brand Manager Topher Taylor explains why they are the perfect fit for 2019.

Want to show off during the Pride Parade or wear something in public to pledge your allegiance to the cause? This provocative brand has been a bestseller and instant customer favourite since landing at Clonezone in 2018.

The new drop has a focus on BOY LOVE, Pride, Penises (my personal favourite), and Camo. A good selection if you ask me. One of the reasons I love this brand is the quality of the designs, as well as the reaction they get from the public. Project Claude’s designs are inspired by queer art, culture, and LGBT+ sexuality. The tongue-in-CHIC pieces are not for the faint-hearted and give the person wearing them a real chance to express their sexuality. The kitsch designs celebrate contemporary queer masculinity, whilst nodding to art and pop culture.

Plus, if you’re like me and just love willy – get a t-shirt that shows this off! No shame and no apologies.

One of the breakout styles at Clonezone over the past year has been the crop top. Project Claude provide some of the cutest ones that we’ve ever seen; from the BOY LOVE, to the Blue Camo… right through to the Dick Print belly-top which features exactly that – dicks all over it. I’d like to reiterate what I’ve written on our social media channels many, many times… that belly tops are not just for guys with flat, smooth tummies! We love seeing pics of furry bellies topped off with a bold and daring crop top. Please don’t be shy and just give one a go. We dare you! I think you’ll be surprised by the reaction you’ll get.

The bold underwear styles are suitable for all body types, with extremely forgiving elastic on the waist – avoiding ‘digging’ or muffin top. The generous tailoring supports your bulge whilst hugging your butt cheeks for a delicious peach in (or out) of your bottoms. The designs now fit from a 28-inch waist, right up to a 38-inch waist. We are pushing to expand these size options with all of our suppliers, so watch this space.

The tees are ideal for nights out, days spent in the sunlight (if we are lucky enough to get any!), and are perfect for Pride season. With sports-like tailoring, the tees are made to fit comfortably on your shoulders, tailor to your upper body and give your tummy and mid-section some breathing room, instead of clinging to your body like other brands. These will flatter a very slender body type, right up to a juicy and curvaceous frame.

Why not top your look off with a VISOR? These gorgeous sunglasses are chic, futuristic and assure that you’ll stand out from the crowd. They, alongside the rest of the range, nod towards queer culture with the options of them proudly reading ‘HOMOSEXUAL’ and ‘QUEER’ alongside a plain black or plain white style. The choice is yours.

If you have any questions about the new drops from Project Claude or want to find the perfect piece for you, feel free to email me at or tweet me @HelloIamTopher.

Check out the Project Claude range at Clonezone stores in Soho, Earl’s Court, Manchester and Birmingham plus online at

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