Circa’s Peepshow at the Southbank’s Underbelly Festival: Review by Stephen Vowles

This 70 minutes of thrills and luckily no spills is pure adrenalin-led action. Slick and sleek these artists are reliant on each’s central core strength and muscle control, and it’s breathtaking. The way they manipulate their bodies, it seems as if they have no bones in them. The energy and agility is remarkable. Stretching and distorting into manic contorted shapes with an ease that is slightly disturbing, but also extremely erotic. This is taking expressionism and exhibitionism to the extreme. Offering an extraordinary glance and peep into this wonderful world of human capability. A stand-out performance from Jarred Dewey whose dexterity on the trapeze was phenomenal. Sensationally seductive and worth a view, Peepshow will leave you in awe of your athletic fellow human beings.


Circa’s Peepshow runs to Wednesday 18th August. Underbelly Festival, Southbank, Box office 03333 444 167 

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