Camp David: David Hoyle at The RVT this Thursday 28th February

This Thursday the extraordinary David Hoyle begins a series of four shows, over the next three Thursdays, at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern under the name of Camp Laff. Each one will feature a different special guest and Dave Cross spoke to David about those guests, The RVT and what we can expect in this latest series of shows.

Hi David, this time last year at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern you were exploring humanity and the cosmos, this year it’s Camp Laff, are we now beyond considerations of our place in the universe?

Well it would appear that interests have become more localised. However we will all be connected with the cosmos at all times. This is especially important to bear in mind in terms of the military industrial complex, which appears to dominate the workings of this geopolitical zone and must be atomised.

Camp Laff conjures up images of mid 20th Century Britain, where putting on a brave face was the most important thing, but in this age of anger and social media is that possible?

I think it’s interesting, turning to other times of adversity, and how people coped. I just want people to be living in peace and harmony. I think a constant state of ecstasy is what’s really required. We are all containers of the amorphous, made up of pure energy… we are all conduits of spirit and are part of the elemental universe, droplets in the ocean. I just want people to be happy.

Do you believe that there is still goodness and kindness in the world?


For many of us, The RVT remains a beacon of light in dark times, what does it mean to you?

All that and more. I love every brick in the building, and admire the people who keep it going. It’s always an honour and a privilege to be there, and I am enjoying working with the marvellous and award winning bar staff once more, as well as Pippa Dee who as far as I am concerned is one of our greatest national treasures and is the embodiment of style and beauty for all time.

What can we expect in your upcoming shows there?

Light in the darkness. It will be a coming together. A sharing. I think people may find it quite a transformational experience and a work of healing. While Pam Lustgarden is away on gardening leave we are graced by Ebony Rose Dark, a true artiste who always brings an important perspective on things. Sarah Bodalbhai, thank goodness, has been able to accompany me on the pianoforte should I be called upon to sing, and international design sensation Rick Owens has very kindly bestowed some thrilling new robes for these performances. Nick Blackburn is putting together projections and sounds for our version of “Camp!”. Think Ulrike Meinhoff meets Fanny the Wonderdog. Also I believe the Reverend Alice Goodman will be making some new recordings for us, all of which is not bad for £10 plus booking fee.

And can you please talk us through your lovely guests?

I would love to. For our launch spectacular we are very pleased to welcome back Shon Faye who will be doing another brilliant stand up set: she is in rightly high demand and I am very, very pleased we are allowed to bathe once more in Shon’s genius. Then on March 7 and 14 we have two award-winning colossi of the international performance scene, Ursula Martinez and Marisa Carneksy… I just can’t believe it! These will be electrifying evenings and completely unmissable. Everything that you will see at Camp Laff is absolutely live and unrepeatable, it’s entirely of its moment and you will exit the building transformed and, dare I say it, indoctrinated? For the finalé it’s really building the energy, we have Tracy La Bouche, chanteuse and legend in the making: Tracy is never out of work and always gives 100% satisfaction. It is a smorgasbord of delicacies and I could not be more thrilled!

Finally, do you have a message for Boyz readers?

Keep fab, keep strong. And I hope to see you soon. Ciao for Now!

Tickets are £10 plus booking fee from

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11.

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