Boyz Star Interview: Heather Small is at G-A-Y this Saturday 11th March

This Saturday the incredible Heather Small, the voice of M People, with hits such as One Night In Heaven, Moving on Up, Proud and Search for the Hero, will be at G-A-Y. She has the biggest voice – and the biggest laugh – in all of show business! Big enough to fill G-A-Y this weekend!

Hey Heather, are you looking forward to G-A-Y on Saturday?

I definitely am! By the way, if you hear me go “No, Nina!” it’s for the dog, not you. Ha ha! I always get nervous about doing a performance but it’s always a fun time, so yeah.

Why do you get nervous after all the shows you’ve done?

You’ve got to hit your own standards, haven’t you? It’s not just about hitting the notes, it’s a total performance. But that audience is so totally supportive that it’s easy to do a performance. I just realised that the last time I did it was 15 years ago.

They’re going to look like children to you!

Ha ha! Oh, thanks a lot! I’m not old or nuttin’. I don’t mind how old they are as long as they’re up for dancing and making a lot of noise. I just want to have a good time.

So what are you going to do?

Definitely the hits and dancey stuff. I like dancing and the G-A-Y crowd, that’s what they come to do as well.

And the inspirational hits?

Are we talking about Proud and Search for the Hero? Well, of course! If I went to see Shirley Bassey and she didn’t sing Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever… I don’t mind how many times she’s sung them before, you want to hear them.

Have you got your outfit planned?

Ish… I like the way you say ‘outfit’! Let’s get to the important things, right? ‘What will you be wearing?’


I was going to ask if your hair has still got a hard-on…

Ha ha ha! Well, I wouldn’t describe it as such but I do understand what you mean and I am going to answer in the negative: it’s a bit more natural and shaggy. Totally different.

Are we getting new material on the night?

I’ve been working on some stuff, so I will be having something new out later this year and I’ll be going on tour. I can’t give you a preview: where would be the element of surprise? My voice is my voice so whatever context I put it in, you’ll know it’s me, let’s put it that way. Gay audiences are very receptive: once they enjoy the artist’s talent, they’re willing to move forwards or sideways or wherever it is with that artist. I did The Vagina Monologues and my gay fans, some came to two or three shows and brought me flowers and were very supportive.

And they learnt something about vaginas!

I don’t know if that’s exactly what they came to do. It’s a story of being the underdog and having the worst happen and how you get through those moments and I think most people whatever their sexual persuasion can relate to that. It’s like with Proud: I’ve sung that all over, with schools, with gay choirs…

You sang it at Sydney Mardi Gras, didn’t you?

I did. And you know that’s going to be fun. It’s all out there at Mardi Gras: people singing and dancing in the streets – all harmless fun. It’s that sense of community, the real theme of love and acceptance and I can relate to that.

You also did Proud on the last episode of Miranda, didn’t you?

That’s right! There’s a whole ongoing skit where they use Proud as a joke and I was part of that. Having them use my song is very flattering and anyone who knows me knows I’m ready to laugh at myself. At the drop of a hat! I’ll laugh at anything unless it involves hospital or death… Even then, I’m not sure. Ha ha.

So, what’s been going on with you in your real life?

What do you mean ‘real life’? I have a son, who is going to be 20 in a week’s time. He’s going to be attending university soon, but I’m not married. No romance. I’m going to act like a little old lady and say that the only thing that’s loyal to me right now is my dog. It’s the only thing that wags its tail at me.

You need to get yourself on Tinder, girl!

I do not! I’m not looking for hook ups.

Tinder is for relationships!

Tinder is for relationships? What? Relationships that last minutes? Or hours? A relationship is what you make of it, isn’t it? That’s not the sort of relationship I’m looking for. I have a good life and if you want romance you can always find it. Sometimes you see people who have been together for ages and they’re not talking to each other and you see them looking at each other as if to say, ‘I wish you were dead!’ And we don’t need that. I do what I like when I like and that works for me.

So, who are you taking to G-A-Y?

My gay friends and my sis. I’ll have some boys with me and we’ll have fun, fun, fun!

Heather Small is at G-A-Y this Saturday (11th March) at Heaven, Under the Arches, off Villiers Street, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 6NG.

Entry is £4 with a wristband from G-A-Y Bar.

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