Boyz Awards 2018: Fetish club, shop and sauna awards sponsored by Dirtyboyz

This year some of our awards are being sponsored by our totally bad sister magazine Dirtyboyz. These awards cover aspects of what you can find in Dirtyboyz every month.

Best Nude or Fetish Club

Last year Hard On was the winner but will Nudity, Recon, MA1 or someone else scoop the gold this year?

Best Fetish Promoter

This is a brand new award for 2018, it takes a special kind of person or team to run a successful fetish night so have your say.

Best Retailer, Shop or Online Store

Whether it’s sex toys, underwear or lube we all love to shop and there’s load of great retailers to vote for here.

Best Sauna or Spa

We all need to let off steam at some point and this category features saunas from all over the UK.

Vote for your favourites now!

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