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Sexy wrestling websites (operated by John) and (operated by Imtiaz) both offer videos of wrestling and wrestlers, with the latter including the raunchier side of the sport. You can also meet up with wrestlers using the sites and star in your own wrestling matches too. John explains more below.

Hi John, can you explain what each of your websites offer please? and offer videos of guys wrestling, and the wrestlers are young, smooth, toned guys aged between 18 and 29. The wrestlers on can be hired for private, non-sexual, wrestling sessions, either for lessons, exercise, challenges or whatever reason the client prefers. We also promote any new, inexperienced guys to join and to have a free profile on our site. and features wrestlers of a different taste. Often abbreviated to FF, it offers Manchester-based wrestling events for all ages. The videos consist of an older generation or younger versus older wrestling matches. Wrestle4afee also arranges ‘custom’ matches where the clients chooses the wrestlers he wants to see wrestle, what gear they wear, a description of the preferred action and rules, and the venue – ring or mats.

So they appeal to guys who are interested in wrestling with other guys?

Both sites appeal to guys (and women) who like to see private wrestling, both on mats and in the ring. However, it is also a haven for Speedo lovers and lovers of lithe, athletic physiques, and guys who might want to avail themselves of the wrestling services provided by the wrestlers.

When and why did you set up the websites?

Wrestle4afee has now been in operation for five years since 2013 – starting with only two wrestlers based in Manchester to now having over 25 wrestlers worldwide – and has over 200 videos for sale, rental or subscription. I saw there was a market for guys who like to watch private wrestling in Speedos and slowly but surely expanded from there. FightFinder was founded in January 2018 by Imtiaz Ali, because he saw a need for events with older male wrestling with raunchier content. 

What do you like about wrestling?

I have always enjoyed wrestling myself and, in fact, I am a pro wrestling referee and have been so for over 10 years, and this enables me to recruit trained, pro wrestlers as well as untrained guys. I find that wrestling, even when non-sexual, gives the opportunity for body to body contact and the chance to enjoy a liking for pain, both giving and taking, in a safe and sensible mode with no injuries. Imtiaz really enjoys the social aspect and making friends part, as much as the wrestling itself. He has made lifelong friends and some wrestlers find their life partners through this social interaction.

On, it mentions the wrestlers are open to  the ‘raunchier’ aspects of wrestling. How far are some of them willing to go?

Imtiaz ( can answer this: I would say ‘raunchier’ is up to each individual wrestler as to whether they may be willing to wrestle nude, with baby oil, or other types of horny wrestling. Sometimes they can go ‘all the way’.

Do any of your websites offer the opportunity to meet with a guy to wrestle in a professional setting (i.e. a dedicated matted facility or ring) in London or Manchester or other UK cities, without it leading to sex?

Both Wrestle4afee and FightFinder offer the chance to wrestle in a professional mat room and/or professional rings, in both Manchester and in London. In fact lots of our videos are filmed in these venues and we have specially negotiated rates which clients can avail themselves of also from only £15 per hour (subject to conditions) for private use. The clients can negotiate this when they contact the wrestler in question directly. And yes, 90% of the time wrestling meet ups don’t lead to sex.

What would you say to someone who is interested in meeting up to wrestle but is apprehensive about getting injured, or fully trusting a total stranger to ‘take it easy’ on them? Are safe words used, for example?

The participants agree rules and limits beforehand. Better pro wrestlers would normally show the lesser skilled opponent how to apply moves safely. This of course reduces the chance of injury. There can be safe words of course. In over a thousand meets, no one has been injured and our oldest participant is aged 75 and the youngest is aged 18! We would like to add that if a prospective client is apprehensive they should, if possible, come to the FightFinder Manchester Meets – see for all the details. It is always hard to try something new but our wrestlers are in general professionally trained and know exactly what they are doing, and they are all nice, pleasant and helpful. As a company our policy is to simply please the clients and accommodate their pursuits and assist social interaction with like-minded people.

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