Battle of the Bars karaoke contest starts this week

Sensational singing competition Battle of the Bars is back with its biggest winner’s prize yet – a cool £2,000! You can enter in four amazing London venues, The Two Brewers, Halfway II Heaven, Admiral Duncan and the Kings Arms plus two outside the capital. Here host Kevin Walsh explains what you need to do to get your hands of two thousand big ones just in time for Christmas.

What is Battle of the Bars?

Battle of the Bars is a competition where we have a number of bars competing against each other for the overall winning singer and bar. Each bar has a number of heats and a semi final where judges get to choose the singer that they hope could win in the grand final with the chance of winning a massive £2,000 first prize, £700 second and £300 third.

Which bars are you hosting?

I will be hosting at Halfway II Heaven on Monday nights and the Two Brewers on Tuesdays.

Which other bars are taking part?

You can also enter at the Admiral Duncan with Sum Ting Wong the Kings Arms on Poland Street plus Mary’s in Cardiff and Via in Manchester.

What has the standard been like in the other Battle of the Bar competitions?

The standard has always been very high, even in the heats. I really wouldn’t want the job as a judge because most weeks the standard is so high it must be very difficult for the judges to decide.

What can you tell us about the final at the Two Brewers?

The grand finals at previous Battle of the Bars have had an electric atmosphere with no one having a clue as to who could win and walk away with the massive £2,000 first prize.

What tips would you offer to singers that want to enter?

My tips? If you are a real competitor try to remember that there is a massive £2,000 first prize at stake! If I was entering myself I would not only be thinking about my chosen songs, I would also be thinking about dress code for my performance, stage presence and personality.

Are there any songs you wish you’ll never hear again?

No, not really. I never get bored of what someone wishes to sing. I do sometimes wonder why they don’t have a go at something new when my song list is at almost 10,000 songs. But at the end of the day it’s very much up to them what they choose to sing.

If someone wants to enter, what should they do?

Check the bar that you wish to enter as each bar may decide to do things slightly different. But, if you have chosen Halfway II Heaven or the Two Brewers, we have judges at the Two Brewers and secret judges at Halfway II Heaven listening in for the first part of the night only, so don’t be late! Come along, choose your songs and when you perform try to give that little extra and see if you can attract the attention of the judges. Good luck and have fun.

Halfway II Heaven – Charing Cross,  The Two Brewers – Clapham, Admiral Duncan- Soho and Kings Arms – West End


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