BalletBoyz Them/Us at the Vaudeville Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles

Them/Us is a fascinating two part evening that explores exactly what the human body can achieve via the medium of dance from the BalletBoyz.

Them, a collaboration between the dancers Rehearsal Director Charlotte Pook and Artistic Directors Michael Nunn and William Trevitt is a high octane demonstration of the beauty of movement, that is aggressive, masculine intense complex and at the same time chic. With a video opening the sequence we meet the dancers, eight stunning men who explain their method, their approach to dance and what it means to them. Using the space and the inside and outside of a large open box, made of scaffolding poles, moving it about the stage with impressive coordination. These guys have such control of their limbs giving the piece an urban feel to it by being dressed in tracksuits. Special mention has to be made of Benjamin Knapper, Harry Price and Bradley Waller whose agility was exquisite and captivating, fundamentally expressing what the male frame is capable of.

Us, the second part of the evening, choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon OBE is a  spellbinding showcase of dance as a language. There was a sexual chemistry between the men, without being a study of homo eroticism, but of trust, creating living sculptures. The whole show  is magnificent with a dream like quality that was completely enchanting.


BalletBoyz Them/Us at the Vaudeville Theatre, 404 The Strand, London WC2. Box office: 0330 333 4814 

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