Are you ready for War? Lip Sync War begins Friday 1 February at Two Brewers

This is not a drill, the fantastic Lip Sync War is back from this weekend with heats at The Two Brewers (1 Feb), Admiral Duncan (Sunday 3 Feb) and Halfway II Heaven (Saturday 23 Feb). This is your chance to lip sync for your life and a final prize of £2000 for the ultimate winner. Dave Cross spoke to organiser Marc Kelly about this brilliant competition that is as much fun to watch as it is to take part in. 

Hi Marc, we are excited that Lip Sync War is back, what’s the basic set up of the competition?

It’s pretty simple, lip sync to your favourite pop song. Do it well and you’ll be on your way to the semis!

Which venues are taking part and when are the heats?

It’s a UK wide competition, every Popworld venue across the country is involved plus Walkabouts, but we are the only LGBTQ+ venues in London. The heats are: The Two Brewers this Friday (1 Feb), the Admiral Duncan this Sunday (3 Feb) and Halfway II Heaven is on Saturday 23 February.

What happens at each heat?

Each person does one song. The main focus is on the classic pop songs. It doesn’t need to be gimmicky or clever, just done well. Get the audience on your side and you’ll go a long way. The crowd play a massive part in the judging process.

And then the Semi Finals and Final?

The Semi Final is at the Two Brewers on Friday 1 March and the Grand Final is at Popworld Birmingham on 31 March.

What’s the final prize?

A whopping £2000 for the winner and £500 for second and third places… this is the big one!

What kind of people enter and what songs do they do?

Anyone can enter, all you have to do is just message the venue via their social media or visit their websites. Mash-ups aren’t allowed, just radio edits of classic pop songs.

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