Anti-Social is back at The White Swan this Saturday

Anti-Social is the hot new club night at The White Swan that puts the music first and is back for its next event this Saturday at the Limehouse hot spot. Dave Cross spoke to promoter Patrick Egbon-Marshall about the amazing house, disco and R&B across the different rooms. Anti-Social has something for everyone.

Hi Patrick, we are excited about the next Anti-Social at the White Swan, how is it all going? 

I can’t believe we are on to our third night and I must say the last two went very well. It is definitely still a challenge, but word is getting out and we had a lovely turn out with people still on the dance floor until 4am. We are getting there, but we want more of the LGBTQ community to come party with us.

For those who don’t know, how would you describe the idea behind Anti Social?

Anti-Social brings a new part of the gay community to another part of East London. A place where the LGBTQ family and friends of all ages and agendas can come together to celebrate and socialise. Think of a house party with the spirit of venues such as the Joiner’s Arms or George & Dragon – which closed down almost three years ago.

What’s the music policy at Anti-Social?

We have decided to tap into as many popular club genres as possible. The idea is to give everyone a little piece of a rainbow cake. We will be having a mix of disco, R&B and hip hop in Room One and more house, pop remixes and old school in Room Two and at some point blending it all together.

Who is DJing this time? 

We are looking to create a residency with our DJs to keep things consistent and family orientated. A place for DJs to call their own and build a following too. This Saturday we will be graced with the fabulous presence of Mypandashallfly, Handsome Rob (of Prestige Pak) and Onetoonemono. We have also invited a fabulous new drag hostess on the scene, Ore-ho to keep things camp, fierce and everyone in check. She might even give a little performance too.

Why is the White Swan such a good venue for you? 

The White Swan is an historic gay venue, and after 30 years has been re-developed to have so much space for dancing and socialising. It also has good management, bar staff and a great security team for everyone’s protection. And, they have a happy hour from 9pm to 11pm, who can say no to that?

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2018? 

We have been given the opportunity to host another night on 8 December and also New Year’s Eve. As you can imagine this is a huge night for everyone and we will want to put together something special. I have a theme in mind but any ideas from Boyz readers would be appreciated.  Send suggestions to and @partyantisocial.

Tickets for this Saturday can be purchased on or £5 pay at the door.

The White Swan, 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse, E14.

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