Anti-Social launches at The White Swan this Saturday

This Saturday the guys at the White Swan in Limehouse are teaming up with promoter Patrick Egbon-Marshall for a new regular club night called Anti-Social, bringing us the best in house, garage, disco and more. Dave Cross met up with Patrick to find out the score.


Hi Patrick, we are excited about Anti-Social at the Swan, how would you describe what the night will be about?

The premise for this night came from frustration at the loss of gay venues in London, like the Joiners Arms. A frustration about the type of music being played in clubs and a frustration in the lack of space, and the fun of simply going out to dance and party with no agenda or theme. I wanted a place where I could go to enjoy the genre of music that I believe brings people together.

What’s the story behind the name? 

I was being ironic. I feel like social media has become the elephant in the room. It literally takes over every space of our being and can cause so much pleasure and pain at the same time, but we are bound by it. I felt that actually being able to say that our generation may no longer want to be controlled would feel nice. It’s about going back to simpler times, even for one night only.

What’s the music policy?

Fresh and funky. I am most excited about having a room that will play real authentic disco for over two hours! We will also have house, garage, commercial and maybe something to make the queens vogue to!

And who are the DJs? 

I feel blessed to have pulled together a fantastic group of talented DJs, and all by luck and association. Our line up will be Mista Pierre, Prestige Pak, FKA,  DJ Mono, Mypandashallfly and DJ dwayneDwayne. Everyone is so cool, it’s feeling very Avengers at the moment!

What’s your history in clubs etc? 

I came out onto the London scene in 2000 or, as I like to call it, the Queer as Folk era, and thus was lucky enough to have enjoyed the days of clubs like The Astoria, Heaven, Scala, Sin and great bars like the first Ku; places that really welcomed everyone and made you feel almost protected from the outside world.

Why did you choose the White Swan?

It really was by chance. I felt the Swan was one of the ‘last men standing’ and deserved to have as many attractions to bring in a new and consistent London crowd east side. I love the space, the décor, the courtyard and the excellent security. It is a gated community that will feel like being at an exclusive house party. I am even planning on having a mobile jerk chicken van on hand to feed the clubbers! I must add that Stevie Tee and the management team at the Swan have been extremely supportive and have given me so much confidence that I could pull this together.

Which part of the venue will you be in on the night? 

I will definitely be in the disco room for sure. I need the DJ to play my all time favourite Ring My Bell by Anita Ward. I will then follow the music room by room and try to socialise as much as I can.

What are your plans going forward 

I am currently looking to start a new business venture in my current career, but at the same time hoping to build on the success of Anti-Social and take it on to being a monthly event. As long as social media continues to exist, you will find Anti-Social just around the corner. #pokeme @patch1977

Advance tickets are £5 from, £10 on the door after midnight.

Anti-Social is at the White Swan, 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse, E14.

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